Tools to Register and Manage Domains

With the exponential growth in domain names, Internet companies offering domain name services are quickly realizing that their systems are not up to task. Back office administration and coordination of technical services has become overwhelming for all but the most seasoned companies. Adding urgency is the deregulation of the generic .COM domain space and a stronger competitive market.

In addition to registering names in the 3 generic Top Level Domains many companies around the world also register names in any of 240 country code Top Level Domains. These companies must keep track of the complex and dynamic rules applied by the local Network Information Center in each country and utilize this information to carry out the requests of their clients.

The GDNS Technologies Global Name Registration System (GNRS) is an open architecture approach to enable mid-to-large scale organizations to search for, register, modify, and manage domain names in the country code Top Level Domains. With its comprehensive suite of information and management tools, GNRS provides the ability to centrally plan and manage, as well as administer locally domain names via a secure Internet connection.

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